Road User

Traffic climate

Road traffic is also social space. Different road users interact with each other. Especially in cities more and more different kinds of means of transport road share the streets. Traffic climate describes the shared perception of traffic. Since 2008, the UDV has conducted regular surveys on the traffic climate in Germany.

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Traffic violations

The majority of road users occasionally violates traffic rules or observes traffic rule violations by others. This happens consciously or unconsciously. But the less traffic rules are followed, the greater is the potential for conflict and the more dangerous situations there are.

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Participating in road traffic as a car driver requires a high level of attention. In order to avoid critical situations or even get involved in accidents, anticipatory driving is necessary. If the driver is distracted from the traffic situation even for a short moment the risk of being involved in an accident increases. Most road users are aware of this, but on the... Mehr lesen.

Driving competence

Driving competence - most often acquired at young age - must be maintained, adapted and further developed.  With increasing age often losses in sensory, cognitive, and/or motor performance occur that need to be compensated for. Furthermore, changes to infrastructure, advanced vehicle automation, increasing traffic volume, and new ways of participating in traffic... Mehr lesen.

Driver education

Young drivers still represent the high-risk group. The interaction between the two aspects beginner risk and youth risk leads to consciously risky driving as well as to unconscious misjudgements. The risk of being injured or killed in an accident is twice as high for young drivers as for older drivers. In addition to target-group-specific information campaigns, traffic... Mehr lesen.

Requirements for drivers

The majority of accidents on German roads are caused by car drivers. The main causes of serious accidents are inattention or lack of abilities of drivers, too small distances between the own vehicle and vehicle ahead and inappropriate speeds. Especially in complex situations, at junctions, in bends and during overtaking manoeuvres, serious accidents occur again and... Mehr lesen.

Road safety education

Accidents with children are a sad part of everyday traffic life. Effective road safety education is essential. Traditionally, road safety education distinguishes along the age of the children and the institutions of kindergarten and school. More recent education programs focus on children's development tasks and skills. This approach is highlights abilities and... Mehr lesen.

School bicycles education

The aim of school bicycle education is to prepare children for participating in road traffic on their own. The main focus is on children's movement, knowledge of traffic and safe traffic behavior. Police officers and teachers at schools act hand in hand. School bicycle education finishes with a test. Increasingly children’s motor skills are becoming poor.... Mehr lesen.

Electric bicycles/cars

Like pedestrians cyclists and electric cyclists do not have a "crumple zone", but they do travel at significantly higher speeds. They do not have to wear a helmet or other protective clothing. Ruthless traffic behaviour and the violation of traffic rules by both motorists and by cyclists themselves repeatedly lead to serious accidents.  

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All-day school

In all-day schools, pupils spend more time at school. There are different types of all-day schools. But they all offer lunch, homework supervision and activities in the afternoon. The school thus becomes a place of learning and living. This opens up new possibilities for traffic education.

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Way to school

Primary school children are most often involved in road traffic accidents on their daily way to and from school as car passengers or pedestrians. As pedestrians, they are mainly involved in accidents when crossing the road. They pay too little attention to vehicle traffic or suddenly emerge behind visual obstacles. Securing the way to school and training the route to... Mehr lesen.