Violations of the Road traffic regulations

Violations of the rules of the road are significant causes or concomitants of traffic accidents. Therefore, the German Insurers Accident Research (UDV) realized an interdisciplinary project.

  • In order to identify the most relevant types of violations committed by car drivers, the incidence of accidents caused by different types of traffic violations has been investigated empirically using more than 290.000 data from German Road Traffic Accident Statistics. Additionally, the monetary accident costs of different types of traffic offences have been estimated.

  • In light of the results of these investigations the severity of sanctions actually imposed on violators of different traffic rules has been studied using about 3,6 Mio. data from the Central Traffic Register (VZR).

  • The empirical findings have been discussed and critically assessed from a legal point of view.

  • In parallel, the internal and external determinants of compliance or non-compliance with three important traffic regulations have been investigated in a psychological study (violations of speed limits, red light running and driving under the influence of alcohol). A representative sample of about one thousand drivers of motorized vehicles was interviewed for this purpose.