New manual for road safety training


A brochure manual for practical road safety training was produced for the target group of teachers and other staff in day-care centers and schools.

It contains almost 60 pages of easy-to-follow exercises for children to learn how to observe and to behave designed to give children an understanding of different means of transport, road noises and what to do on the roads safely. There are two categories of exercises: exercises to sharpen the senses and exercises relating to thefor different means of transport.

Each exercise is presented on a double page and in such a way that it can be completed withusing simple aids that are usually generally readily available. They vary in length from short exercises of less than 15 minutes to projects days (over 45 minutes). The brochure training manual can be downloaded from the UDV website and is distributed through road safety organizations and the police. Selected exercises are included in the web-based road safety training application “RitterKids Verkehrsschule” produced by the charity Kinderunfallhilfe e.V., which focuses on children’s road safety.