Road User

People want to remain mobile – and feel safe on the roads – even when they reach an advanced age. The aging of society, which is an increasing trend, will have a considerable influence on mobility and accident statistics. The consequences of road traffic accidents involving senior citizens are already alarming.

Accident researchers have been demanding for some time that statistics should be kept not just of fatalities but also of very seriously injured accident victims – and that these should be subjected to particular analysis. However, the official statistics only have categories for minor injuries and serious injuries.

Car drivers

On German roads most accidents are caused by car drivers. These are mainly accidents with material damage only. The drivers themselves are usually not or only slightly injured. Still in traffic most fatalities or major injuries are car occupants. Drivers’ inattention, insufficient safety distance and speeding are main causes of severe accidents. Especially at... Mehr lesen.

Violations of the rules of the road are significant causes or concomitants of traffic accidents. Therefore, the German Insurers Accident Research (UDV) realized an interdisciplinary project.