The German Insurers Accident Research (UDV) carried out a research project on the traffic safety of cycling roads and one-way streets with permitted contraflow bicycle traffic.

Older drivers’ fitness to drive is an emotional issue for drivers themselves as well as a much discussed topic in the public, especially after serious accidents caused by older drivers. The issue raised is whether or not older driver’s fitness to drive should be assessed from certain age onwards.

Tractors are relatively rare on German roads. Consequently, they do not figure largely in accident statistics. But when they are involved in accidents, more people than average are seriously injured or killed. For this reason, the UDV joined forces with the insurance companies Allianz and LVM to investigate where accidents involving tractors happen.

A brochure manual for practical road safety training was produced for the target group of teachers and other staff in day-care centers and schools.

The work of accident commissions is a key component of the overall approach to improving road safety in Germany. The commissions bring together traffic experts...

For the third time (2008, 2010, 2016) the German Insurers Accident Research conducted the representative survey “Traffic Safety Climate”.